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Welcome to My Vault of Magic!

I’m Raspreet Sagoo and I teach you how to manifest in a way that actually WORKS for you and leads you to your Soul’s path and purpose by creating your own, customised manifesting framework without the "believe it and achieve it" or “think positive and vibe high” mindset stuff that doesn't really take into account your lived experiences.

If you’re a conscious creator ready to LIVE your wildest dreams instead of just fantasising about them or TRYING to manifest them, then dive into the Vault of Magic to find the offering that calls to you.

You’ll learn how to bring spiritual principles to life through grounded practices and real-life situations so you can be in a state of RECEIVING and courageously manifest IN and ON purpose!

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Welcome to Translate, where you wave goodbye to the old methods of manifesting and learn to honour YOUR own process.

When you reclaim your power from other people’s methods and focus on your own energetics and unique gifts:

  • you commit to showing up for YOURSELF and actualising your desires
  • you gift yourself time and space for contemplation and integration on a DAILY basis, so the “process” is no longer outside of you and becomes a natural part of your daily routine.

In 12 months or less, you will learn to manifest in a more empowered and embodied way so your desires can show up for you.

If you are looking for a LASTING change, it requires you to integrate the energy you are calling in.

When you go from trying to manifest your dreams to UNDERSTANDING and EMBODYING your unique brand of magic and how you are naturally wired to create, you automatically align to your own manifesting style and rhythm.

This is the deeper work you are invited to doing on Translate.

This is a totally different approach to manifesting, where you will go beyond the mindset and learn the language of energy so you can understand how to manage your own energy to manifest more rapidly and in a way that is aligned to YOU.

Velocity Session

Ready for personalised support with reviewing, troubleshooting and customising your current manifesting framework so that it works for YOU and leaves you feeling energised and able to sustain the results for long-term change that lasts?

If yes, then this session is a great fit for you.

This 60-minute private session is a  deep dive into the steps to create a manifesting framework that’s customised to YOU to call in your most highly prioritised desire within four months or less.

{FREE} Take The Quiz To Discover Your Creative Blueprint

Have you tried to create change or manifest things into your life and felt like you just aren't creating the change quite as fast as you'd like?

Maybe you find yourself using saying stuff like:

  • perhaps it's just not meant to be
  • what's wrong with me?
  • maybe it's just not my Divine Timing yet
  • maybe I don't want it as much as I should

Well, let me tell you...

It's likely NONE of those things!

It may just be that you haven't tapped into your UNIQUE way of creating.

That's where it helps to know Your Creative Blueprint.

This is a synthesis of many different things that make you YOU and it's essentially your true Soul Essence.

When you understand this key piece about yourself, you will see why those things you have already tried may not be working for you!

Are you ready to discover and understand YOUR Creative Blueprint, so that you can activate your ability to create in a way that actually WORKS for you?

Take the short quiz and find out!

Life Purpose Readings

Interested in getting personalised support for discovering and connecting to your life purpose, so that you can get clear on how you can manifest more intentionally in alignment with your purpose (and consequently have more success with manifesting IN and ON purpose!)? This is for you.


Ready to ACTIVATE your true soul's essence so you can actualise the life you're TRULY capable of leading?

If you want to create lasting and sustainable results and continue to manifest successfully over and over again, I invite you to activate your creative life-force energy and create internal leadership first.

You get to move from disconnected and toxic manifesting into embodied manifesting.

Your ability to manifest isn’t always going to be in doing the inner work, reframing your beliefs and visioning your dream into reality.

It gets unlocked when you arrive at the intersection of your soul’s purpose AND leaning into your own intuition.

It becomes clear when you craft your own method of manifestation that YOU get to create by taking the tools you may already be using and tweaking them to align with YOU.

YOUR lifestyle… 

… YOUR desires…

… and YOUR unique energetic circuitry.

Ready to learn how?

If yes, I’d love to invite you to my 3-part masterclass, Activate.

Harmonise - 5-Day Experience

In this 5-day experience, I will be taking you through a journey to be on your way to creating your desires, even in the midst of chaos and uncertainty.

I will be walking you through the 5 elements of my 90-day intensive, Harmonise.  

We will cover:

⭐️ HOW you create your own reality and getting clear on what reality to create

⭐️Vibration and Alignment, so you can be magnetic to your desires

⭐️ Staying on track, regardless of your external environment

⭐️ Intuition and tapping into YOUR awareness of energy

⭐️ Activating and embodying the energy of your desires, so they show up quicker

Amp Up Your Financial Reality Intensive Workshop

Have you ever found yourself holding yourself back from what you truly desire because you just don’t have the money for it?

Or maybe you had the experience where you are saving up for something and then get hit by an unexpected expense, or a global crisis and you worry about investing your money into the things you had been saving up for because of all the uncertainty!

What if you knew how to create your own financial reality, regardless of what was going on around you?

This intensive workshop will help you get the sweet spot between doing the energetic work around you money stuff AND the practical, pragmatic changes to implement in your daily life, so you can change tracks with your financial reality and create lasting results with it.

If this is calling to you, you are invited to learn how to radically change the way you function with money, so it can start to show up for you and work WITH you, instead of limiting you!

Illuminate Training

Shine the light on your shadows to upgrade your manifesting! 


We’re not taught manifesting through the lens of how your internalised systems of oppression may interfere with all the mindset work and inner healing that you have done and not allow all that work to fully integrate into every aspect of your life.

This is what I unpack for you in Liberate because here’s some of the magic that happens when you understand manifesting from this perspective: 

  • you find that sweet spot between your purpose and the way you are naturally designed to CREATE and free yourself from using other people’s manifesting frameworks, which can have a hit-and-miss success rate for you and step into YOUR unique manifesting flows and rhythms that energise you and get you into your creative flow.

  • you know what practical steps to take that will create more trust and safety for you to explore the root cause of your blocks so all the mindset and energy work that you are doing can be supported and sustained.

  • you see exactly what elements to integrate within your own manifesting framework that no one tells you about, so you can deepen trust in your own intuition to make aligned choices and connect with your Soul’s essence, path, purpose and Creative Blueprint… and ultimately, manifest a lifestyle that supports your purpose AND your heart’s desires!

  • you stop diluting your own brilliance by hiding your unique gifts and potential to change anything and have everything you desire… basically, you create the safety within to come out of the “spiritual closet” and OWN your power and gifts.

  • you understand and identify when you’re in a victim pattern and regulate yourself without by-passing the deeper emotions and trauma.

  • you understand the limitations of popular manifesting practices that can be creating the potential for more harm long-term so that you can upgrade your manifesting framework into a healthier, more sustainable approach that creates lasting change.
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