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Amp Up Your Financial Reality Intensive Workshop

5 Modules

Part 1 - Financial Re-Set

In this section, you’ll discover:

  • some of your money limitations that are actually keeping you stuck in your financial struggle or challenges, so you can chart your way through financial challenges going forward

  • YOUR money triggers that keep you stuck in the same old money patterns that aren't allowing you to step into the life you truly desire

  • the energetic charge you have around money that is repelling it

Part 2 - Soul-Aligned Money Targets

In this part, you will learn:

  • how to set money goals that are aligned with you so you can manifest more rapidly

  • how you may be capping yourself when it comes to generating and having money

  • the distractions that pull you away from your money-generating capacities

Part 3 - The Pragmatics

In this part, you will start to see where:

  • you may be giving your power away and sabotaging the very financial reality you keep saying you want

  • how to get out of this trap so you can get into YOUR flow with creating and generating the financial future you desire

  • the pragmatics of creating lasting change with your money flows

Part 4 - Activate Your Inner Abundance Magnet & Expand Your Capacities With Money

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • how to watch out for your shadows that keep you looping around with the same money patterns… e.g debt, giving money away, overspending etc

  • a really powerful exercise to help you eliminate some of your money shadows so you can start to changing your current financial reality into the one you keep saying you want!

Bonus Resources & Energetic Tools

In this bonus section, you'll find additional bonus resources for you to utilise to support you.

There is a blend of the practical and pragmatic stuff AND some of the energetic tools we covered in the workshop for you to have easy access to and support you with creating the change you are asking for!

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